Textures From the Studio

Sure, the shop is a tidy place to come visit and browse, but it's also a working studio. Out back where Meg keeps her tools of the trade and materials set aside for "someday projects," there are some beautiful textures to be found. Here are a few. I poked out back and got these photos to give you an inside look. 

These aren't surprising.

Paper cuttings

Jars of goodies

But then there are bins full of fun stuff...

These bouncy balls will become the hearts of monkey fists.

These are once and future dog toys.

I get a good feeling when I know that the things on the shelves of a shop were made right there in the same room. Come visit to see Meg's big spools of rope! 

This is a guest blog post by Anne Bryant, who also writes from time to time over at frompinetopalm.com.